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Aerial Imagery is the capture of photographs from an aircraft or other flying objects. Recently, unmanned aerial systems (UAS) has grown in popularity to capture such images due to its increasing availability and accessibility.

It's applications often involves inspections of areas that are difficult to reach due to height or difficult terrain.


Aerial photography is also used to quickly map out a large area of open spaces, to quickly derive a photographic map. Continuous overlapping images taken can also be used in photogammetry to create 3D models of the terrain or structure.

However, it should be noted that it's accuracy is limited compared to other forms of survey techniques. And the effectiveness of this method can be further impacted by site conditions, safety hazards and government regulations.

Why is it important?

Aerial imagery provides an alternative solution to mapping challenges in the field. A surveyor with a UAV operator permit will be  to capture aerial imagery with positional accuracy.

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