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Civil Engineer Surveying


Topographical Surveys are where the position and location of natural and artificial features are determined. These features are plotted into maps, drawn at suitable scales for development, planning and land use purposes.


Cadastral Survey is where property boundaries (for land and strata lots) are defined for the lodgement and issue of ownership titles. The survey is conducted primarily to document the perimeters of a parcel of land, by establishing or re-establishing corners, monuments, and boundary lines. These are usually done for the purpose of land and/or strata subdivision, alienation of state land, or amalgamation of land.


Engineering Surveys which include the setting out of engineering works such as buildings, bridges, canals, dams, tunnels, surveying for the laying of pipelines and cables, surveys of completed engineering works as constructed, monitoring of existing engineering works for deformation.


3D Surveys uses the latest technology in laser scanning to obtain precise three dimensional models of the site. This method of surveys can be used for various purposes from simple layout mapping to heritage conservation. A 3D Revit model or BIM of the building can be created using the point cloud data obtained.

Aerial View of a Drone


Aerial imagery is the taking of photographs from an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS). By processing these images in photogammetry software, aerial imagery has become a viable option for mapping and modelling of large areas of land and structures. This is especially useful when the land or structure is uncovered and inaccessible.

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