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The purpose of a Topographical Survey is

to collect survey data of natural and man-made features of the land and its elevations.

Existing features, such as trees, buildings, streets, walkways manholes, utility poles, retaining walls, that are visible from the ground are identified and measured. Spot levels are also taken to provide the contour of the land.


The resulting topographic maps provides a detailed and accurate picture for architects, engineers, and building contractors to use in their planning and design stages of work.

Why is it important?

Getting a professional surveyor to carry out a topographical survey ensures that you have a detailed and accurate picture of the project site.


These are valuable information that can reveal any changes onsite or potential encroachment issues and reduce the risk of costly mistakes downstream.

Knowing the topography of the land is also essential for any engineer or architect to be able to efficiently design any structure that is long-lasting.

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